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Hayley and Brendan Nauta - Joel (2)

I would just like to say how blessed we feel having had our kids cared for at Broome Daycare.

I've never found it particularly easy to leave my precious cargo with people who don't love them as much as I do! I love to spend time with my kids and haven't always felt naturally ok to leave them at day care.

But, since attending Broome Daycare I have had no concerns, the children absolutely love it and have flourished in your care. Thank you so very much for taking the time to employ staff who are not only friendly, understanding and dedicated; but also genuinely interested in seeing our kids grow to be the best little people they can be. It brings tears to my eyes knowing that those who work there, have invested the time into Lucas & Emily and actually do take just as good care of them as we do!

When we first came to town the children started at a different day care centre and whilst nothing dreadful happened there, I never felt that enough time or care was invested in the children.

It was much more business-like, with young carers just there for the money and not a lot of personal interaction with the parents of the children in care. Broome Daycare is a fantastically run business but feels so much more like family and a much happier environment to leave our children in. Honestly, if I could take Broome Daycare and the wonderful staff with me to Perth, I would!

Thank you!

Paula - Edge (5), Quinn (3), Ace (2)

My three boys have all attended Broome Daycare and have loved every minute of it.

The staff are friendly, caring and always consistent.

They provide wonderful learning opportunities and allow the children freedom and fun in their learning.

They have assisted in toilet training two of my children which has made my life so much easier.

Joss and Barb always greet you with a smile and hello as soon as you walk through the door.

They go above and beyond and I couldn’t be happier with the love, care and learning they have provided for my children.

Renee – Mya (3)

I have been using Broome Daycare to look after both my daughters on a part time basis since 2013.

I have found the staff to be professional, fun and very caring toward my girls and both girls enjoy their time there.

We are always greeted warmly by all staff members and they are willing to help with any special requests.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Broome Daycare.

Lauren – Harvey (1)

We are extremely pleased with the care Harvey is receiving!

Broome Daycare and its staff have been incredible, from accommodating our complicated childcare needs at extremely short notice to providing a highly stimulating and comforting environment for my one year old son.

He has blossomed since day one, and he is learning and experiencing so much more than I could have managed at home.

We are thrilled with our new Broome Daycare family!

Deb Roberts – Marli (4)

I have lived in Broome for over 10 years and have had 2 of my 3 children enrolled Broome Daycare during this time.

My first impression of the Centre was this is very family orientated, Barbara and Tome are extremely welcoming and all the staff are amazing.

Over the last 4 years our girl Marli has been there, since she was 9 months old, there was never any hesitation in enrolling Marli when it came time for me to go back to work.

The transition was easy, I love the way Marli just clicked with them and it made my life easy knowing she was happy and loved.

The relationships that she has built over the 4 years is a tribute to how well the staff cares, nurtures, guides and teaches her, only now has made her transition into schooling all the more easier again.

She loves them and she’s happy and I can’t thank them enough!!!

Jessica Green – Phoebe (2) Lucy (4)

The first time you leave your child in the care of someone else is a daunting and worrying time.

However the staff at the Broome Daycare made this transition an easy one with a few trail days to ease my daughters into their new environment.

The same carers have been around my girls from the beginning and having that consistency has been very important.

Now, Broome Daycare has become a second home to our family.

The learning opportunities they provide go above and beyond my expectations but more importantly I know my girls feel happy and safe.

I highly recommend Broome Daycare to all families.